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The Alt Protein Project

San Diego State


Leading the way towards a sustainable, healthy, and just food system. 

About the Alt Protein Project

The Alt Protein Project is an international student movement, backed by The Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit think- tank organization leading the way towards a better food-system. The Alt Protein Project seeks to transform universities around the globe to into agents for alternative protein education, awareness, and innovation.  


What are Alternative Proteins?

Alternative proteins are "meat, egg, or dairy products that are plant-based, cultivated, or fermentation-derived". They are products  that their replicate or mimic animal products, without the use of traditional animal agriculture.

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Products made from plants that are substitutes to animal-based products.



Products made by microorganisms that produce large quantities of proteins and specific proteins like enzymes, fats, flavors, and textures.



Products that are genuine animal meat, but are produced by cultivating animal cell, eliminating the need for animal agriculture.

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